When the World was Evolving with the Strides of the Digital Wave, Repografix took its Genesis to Impact a Decorum in the World of Printing.

While Letters got taken over by E-mails, & Traditional Advertising with Digital Marketing, What is the Ambitious Future Prospect in the World of Printing?

Repografix – taken from Reprographics (Scanning, Photography) and made modern - which to us at least means – Top Quality Prints or Graphics Reproduced as good as the Original.

Thus, Repografix took its inception as the answer to the assessment that remained unanswered in the Tech-driven Sector. To the Courtesy of Parent Consortium, Power Pen Office Equipment Trading (P.P.O.E.T), Repografix took its ambitious launch in 2015 to create a New Code of Printing in the UAE.

Rejoicing the Legacy of 10 Years, we pride ourselves in our reputation as an Acknowledged Brand providing end-to-end toner cartridge and printing solutions, thereby manifesting our mission in the succession.

We are committed to excel in our Doman with utmost passion, empowering the team and thereby becoming a part of the Country's Growth. With the efficacy of our values inferring Trust, Transparency, Quality, Affordability & Profound Customer Satisfaction, we invest our creator energies to transform our Vision into Undeniable.


Our clear goal is to be the no.1 company in the aftermarket frontier in the UAE & we want to achieve this through a very simple product offering that is,Cost Effective, Efficient and Service Driven. YOU – the customers are the focus here & our product offering is based to offer you hassle free printing.


Our belief in ourselves, sustainability and our passion for the business are all factors that are driving our Mission and Vision – Repografix – forward.

Our clear mission is to bridge the gap between a quality product and savings for our customers.

One Stop Solution

Offering all printing needs from A to Z


Superior printing quality – with similar performance of OEM Products. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company


Next day or in certain areas same day delivery. Service and Complaint resolution same or next day.


24 Months Warranty on Repografix Toners

Free Printer Service

Dedicated Service Engineer for ASC Clients

Free Exchange of Toners

Toners will be exchanged / returned within 30 days – Get 100% Exchange Value

Price Stability

Price will be fixed for 1 or 2 year depends upon the Annual Supplies Contract

Guaranteed 50% Savings

Credit facility available upon approval

Money Back Guarantee

14 days money back guarantee


Our Team

Picture of Deepak Kotwani
Managing Director

Deepak Kotwani

Picture of Chethan Suvarna
Operational Manager

Chethan Suvarna

Picture of Patrick DSouza
Service Manager

Patrick DSouza