Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Toners are the cartridges developed by your printer manufacturer; hence if your printer is from HP, the OEM toner cartridge would be from HP as well. Same goes with other brands like Samsung, Brother, Xerox, etc.

But there’s Compatible Toner as well, we have seen and that compatible toners are the best alternative when users would like to save money without compromising the quality. What is compatible toner and what is the reason behind this invention?

Compatible Toner:

Compatible Toner is made by 3rd party manufacturers designed the same way how OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer toner would work in your printer. It’s a great counterpart of OEM and a cost effective alternative. This was invented since printer manufacturer usually sell printers at a very tempting cost but then sell the toner cartridges in a significantly higher cost than the printer itself – this is the biggest downside in using OEM. Before buying compatible, do you know that there are different types of these that users must consider before deciding? Because some types of cartridges can even be purchased in a cheaper price but with questionable quality, and most of them sell compatible without any benefits. Unlike with Repografix Compatible Toner, you will be getting quality with lots of benefits like getting free regular printer service.

To help you learn more about compatible, we have listed the types of compatible toner cartridges which can help you decide:


All the parts of this type of cartridge are brand new and have not gone through any wear and tear. Drums and other components are completely brand new with seals that are intact. This type of cartridge is the closest you can get to OEM in terms of print quality and page yield.


It’s a recycled toner with a certain worn out part that will be replaced – it can be any part like the drum, wiper, chip etc and the OEM housing is being used to remanufacture toners. Depending on the manufacturer, you may find good quality remanufactured toner cartridges.


The same empty laser toner cartridge which has been supplied before to the user will be collected and supplier will just refill it with new toner powder. This is being refilled without examining the condition of the cartridge. Users will also not get the number of page yield that they should get for each toner. Manufacturers as well, are not giving any guarantees with this type of compatible and it is frankly a hit or miss.

As a customer, always have to keep in mind that the print quality does not need to suffer or decrease alongside the price.